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We emigrated from South Africa in 1996 and I became an American Citizen in November 2004, and at last I felt that I had a “home” again. I could not do it without my support groups; my South African “family”, my American friends, my dealers and my collectors. ~Berdine Creedy


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2008 Collection

Pouty Pia

Friendly Fay

2007 Collection
Baba Boeti Uli  
2006 Collection
10th Anniversary Dien

New World for Dien


2005 and Older Collections

2005 Collection


2002 WPM Collection


2002 WPM Collection

Outfits and Accessories

Play Outfit Green & Yellow


The Magic of Dolls was also inspired by reading my collector’s experiences about what my dolls mean to them in their everyday lives.  Some use them for courage; some to forget about the sadness in their lives; some just play with them; some never had children of their own and the dolls fill that emptiness in their lives.  These are just a few of the many things.

I designed an Asian doll for the first time.  The African American dolls, Asian doll and Caucasian dolls for 2007 represent a big part of the world. Magic can happen if all the people in the world can come together in peace and harmony.  Being from South Africa, I wanted to create that cosmopolitan world in my dolls.  My dolls bring many different cultures of collectors together.  Every Doll Show is a HAPPENING for me.  I LOVE to see “The Mothers” of my Little Girls.  They are the inspiration for this year’s series, The Magic of Dolls.”  I really want to thank them for the “ MAGIC ” they create in my life, last but not the least, my family who BELIEVES in me and my dolls.  With their LOVE and SUPPORT life can only be MAGIC.


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