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The Madame Alexander Collections

Madame Alexander has infused a sense of excitement and wonderment in the world of fine quality, handcrafted dolls.  The company has initiated a series of firsts in the toy industry: the first doll based on a licensed character (Scarlett from Gone With the Wind), which led to the creation of dolls based on characters from popular motion pictures; the first to bring feature baby dolls to market; the first to create dolls in honor of living people (Queen Elizabeth, the Dionne Quints).  Madame Alexander was also the first to introduce the first full figured fashion doll (Cissy) with haute couture outfits.  The tradition and elegance of Madame Alexander dolls continues today with a full line of collectible dolls, baby dolls and play dolls.

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Ballerinas & Fairies Alice in Wonderland Bridal Couture
Americana Baby Doll Collections Broadway / Musicals
Cissy Dolls Classic / Heritage / Fantasy / Angels  Coquette Collection
Couture / Vintage / Alex Fairchild Ford  Disney / Sesame Street Favorite Friends / Olivia the Pig
Gone With The Wind Hollywood / Wicked / Wizard of Oz Holiday Collection
International Special Occasions / Wedding Storyland / Nursery Rhymes
The Arts / Ballerinas / History of Fashion / Little Women Play Alexander Doll Stands


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