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Exciting News! Trendy & Swag just won the Industry's Choice Award! Go Trendy! Go Swag!!
I'd like to send a great big Hawaiian Mahalo to the Industry Experts who voted for them!
Bo Bergemann


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2015 Collection
Swag Set Trendy Set  

Notes from Bo Bergemann...

Trendy is truly unique! Absolutely original. There is nothing else like her on the market today. It is difficult to even find a doll that could be called similar. But I will compare and contrast her to other popular 18" collectible vinyl dolls like AG dolls and similar ones to those.

Trendy has a beautiful full vinyl body - so she looks fabulous even in her undies or a bathing suit. No unsightly cloth to hamper her poolside look or her beach blanket bingo either!

Her body is semi-hard semi-translucent vinyl
- so it looks more like lifelike skin. It is also softer and feels nice.

Her face is made of this same semi-hard semi-translucent vinyl so she can have a very soft airbrushed face paint that looks truly naturally beautiful - just like real live girls are!

Her body is fully jointed. It is not a BJD like I am so well known for. Trendy is far easier to dress and undress than other 18" dolls on the market today!

This full body jointing also makes her very easy to dress and undress. Let's face it changing clothing is half the fun of playing dolls. Of course except when it's a stiff arm/legged doll that is so hard to get clothing on and off of. Not Trendy, she changes as easily as you do!

Trendy wears wigs for a new cut, color, style anytime you want one. She has 16 wigs available now and more will be made all the time. What's more fun than putting a fabulous new outfit on your doll? Changing her hair cut/color/style to match of course!

Trendy's face is a beautiful sculpt
that can easily play a girl of 11 or a teen of 16. You decide who she will be today! Trendy was not created by a big toy company looking to sell whatever and make profits. Trendy was created by an original doll artist for her beloved daughter who was growing bored with her AG doll! Trendy was meant to meet the very real desires and demands of collectors of all ages who love their dolls but are over the limitations and frustrations of most 18" vinyl collectible dolls on the market today.

Trendy wears expensive highest quality artist doll eyes! No weird eyes, nothing painted on to be rubbed off either. This is one area you can use to customize your Trendy as you get more into the incredible worldwide hobby trend she is determined to start! But she comes with expensive eyes I use in my artist dolls regularly which sell for $600 - $2500 on an ongoing basis. I'm not sure why no one else uses high quality gorgeous eyes in their dolls? Possibly the expense. But this was one step I knew I could not skip!

Trendy's wigs, once seated properly, stay on to brush and braid. Even collectors of my high end BJD's wish they could find a doll that does this. Well, Trendy does thanks to her patented head/wig design! Of course it only works with Trendy wigs. But since they are priced competitively or better than others and use the highest quality Japanese soft silky fibers. Why would anyone buy others? Trendy's wigs will also work on other dolls with similar size heads, though it is the unique patented combo of Trendy wigs and Trendy doll line heads that makes them seat and stay even when you swing a doll upside down by her legs!

Trendy & Swag collector sets are an amazing deal with tons of quality product included! They come with true original artist doll quality costuming, 2 wigs in the box, a certificate of authenticity and a unique limited edition collectible doll (Trendy or one of her friends) and her best buddy Swag. Swag in these sets is also unique and a limited edition collectible! Added value for the money and added fun for play too!

Trendy is 18" in scale. This means she actually works BETTER with all the many brands of popular 18" doll accessories available today. Meaning and 18" doll bike with an AG and some other 18" dolls looks a bit dwarfed to me because the doll is too bulky for the scale of the bike, horse, bed or whatever it is. Whereas Trendy was made actually in scale. This means she looks the perfect fit for that same bike, bed or horse! So no need to reinvent the wheel for Trendy or wait for anything. It's all out there now just find any 18" doll accessory and purchase is and you will find most likely 90% of them fit Trendy! Not things like sunglasses as those are generally made to fit the actual doll face they are made for and AG faces along with some other 18" doll faces are much larger than Trendy's because they are not actually in scale. As a doll artist, and not a toy manufacturer, I paid attention to these kinds of details and so much more with Trendy. I take photos of dolls all the time so I know what is in scale and what is not simply by how it looks in a photo. Is it realistic looking? Or does the doll dwarf the item?

Trendy is fabulously photogenic! Being semi-translucent with her gorgeous soft natural face airbrushed on, she takes fabulous photos right out of the box! Keep a 45 degree angle on her face for the most realistic shots right away. Then practice and enjoy the hobby of doll photography in a way you never imagined possible before Trendy came along. Oh, my high end BJD's do this and more as they pose beyond compare. But the goal with Trendy was to implement all I could from my high end artist dolls while ALSO keeping this one a quality affordable collectible vinyl doll.

Compare Trendy & Swag Collector sets to the price of AG Collector sets (not just the basic doll) and you will find Trendy's outfits are higher end and more fashionable, unique and original. Her shoes are incredible compared to AG and she comes with 2 wigs and a dog too! Way more bang for your buck at about $20-30 less than the AG collector sets go for!

Trendy is fully and fairly easily customizable unlike any other 18" collectible doll on the market today. So, start your hobby collecting and move into customizing for far more fabulous fun and creativity! I am a doll maker and want to help future doll maker's spead their wings! Look for articles, tips, tricks and even videos over this next year to help you learn to customize your Trendy just for you!

Trendy is a lifetime in the making and set to take the world by storm and become the "doll we've all been waiting for!" The basic version is being "toy industry safety tested" as we speak. I fully expect her to pass, but until she does, and it is a LONG GRUELING PROCESS for the poor girl, she will be sold only as a vinyl collectible doll set. A lot of the delay is due to my unwillingness to compromise on key features that simply make Trendy the doll we have all been waiting for!!!! The big manufacturers don't care and compromise left and right to save a dollar and sell a doll. How sad that is for someone whose life work is fulfilling her own doll maker's dreams born in the heart of a 6 year old! That 6 year old in my head won't let me compromise on all the parts shown above that really matter when it comes down to enjoying your day with your doll!

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