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One of Effanbee's great success stories was the Patsy® doll designed by Bernard Lipfert and advertised in 1928. She almost was not named "Patsy®". The identical ads advertised her as "Mimi" late in 1927 and then as "Patsy®" in 1928 "Playthings" magazines. Patsy® was one of the first dolls to have a manufactured wardrobe just for her but other manufacturers sold not only accessories but clothing as well. Patsy® was made of all composition and her patent was hotly defended by Effanbee® and what was actually patented was a neck joint that allowed the doll to pose and stand-alone. She portrayed a three year old girl with short bobbed red hair with a molded headband, painted side glancing eyes, pouty mouth, bent right arm and wore simple classic dresses closed with a safety pin. She had a golden heart charm bracelet that fit tightly on her wrist and a gold paper heart tag with her name. Patsy® was so popular she soon had several sisters in sizes from 5 ¾ inches to 29 inches, many factory variations and even a boyfriend, Skippy.

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