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Bebe from Barbados - Mini Lollipop Girl

Her dark brooding looks have held the world spellbound.  Tall and slightly
mysterious, Bebe is the reigning queen of cosmetics - an in-demand beauty,
whose contracts are literally worth millions of dollars a year.  Originally from Barbados, she now calls a huge loft in uptown New York home.

The third daughter in a family of nine children, Bebe was 'discovered' working at a resort and brought to the States.  Introduced to the top model agencies in the country, she has never looked back.  Today, the 18 year old is booked every day of her working year for the next three years.  But there's another side to this famous face that most people don't see.   Bebe is also an animal lover and a devoted conservationist. "The rain forests are such a precious resource," she says.  "We have to do all we can to allow humanity and
nature to co-exist in harmony."

She is fully poseable, head and waist turns, she bends at the hips, knees and elbows.  She sits and stands but doesn't talk... yet!


Mini Lollipop Girl

12" - Vinyl Doll

Designed in New Zealand by the artist.

  • Doll of colour with wild green hair
  • Green boots trimmed with hot pink
  • Fashions coming soon!

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