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Brigette from Berlin - Mini Lollipop Girl

Lithe and graceful, Brigette's clipped accent belies a wicked sense of humour.
An unabashed romantic, she loves flowers, poetry and chocolates.  Originally from the south of Germany, 18 year old Brigette is now based in Berlin, where she shares a roomy rooftop apartment with her brother, and a tank of individually named fish.

She may be famous for her calendar and swimsuit work, but Brigette is not one to lounge around.  The spirited model owns every record of The Rolling Stones, and has a house in Umbria, Italy, which she travels to as often as she can in a black roadster, her fourth Porsche.  "I'm blessed", she says.  "One day I can be on a beach in Jamaica; the next I'm in Rome; the day after I'm relaxing in the Italian countryside... and them I'm back in Berlin, amidst some of the most beautiful buildings in the world."

She is fully poseable, head and waist turns, she bends at the hips, knees and elbows.  She sits and stands but doesn't talk... yet!


Mini Lollipop Girl

12" - Vinyl Doll

Designed in New Zealand by the artist.

  • Long blonde hair
  • Fashions coming soon!

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