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The Xenis Collection is the creator behind some of the world`s most beautiful wooden dolls.  The company was founded in 1994 by Marlene Xenis who, in the first years, worked from the basement of her home.  Marlene was later joined by her two daughters, Tania and Jesse along with a team of highly skilled artists.  The business was moved into a beautiful studio on acreage in Aldergrove, a small town just outside of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.  Continued below....
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Dolls & Outfit

White Swan, OOAK

Black Swan, OOAK

Asian Girl


Ballerina in Blue

Carriage Ride Outfit


Marlene has had an artistic flare from childhood and was always heavily involved in theatre and music.  The need to create has always been strong in her family.  To create something unique and beautiful that makes a person smile and feel good just by gazing at it and holding it is a remarkable feeling.

The dolls created today are far removed from how they began.  The original dolls were floppy, clown like dolls with crude features cut from felt and outfitted in colourful cottons.  From there we created a fully articulated wooden body with a round wooden head that could be painted.  The faces had to be painted with extreme skill to give the features depth on a round surface.  The hands and feet of these dolls were sculpted and then cast in resin and hand painted.

Today our work starts off much like that of a porcelain doll artist; sculpting the head, hands and feet, making molds and then casting these parts in a solid resin.  Once we have the resin parts we use these as molds for our carving machine.  The wooden parts are very crude once carved and have to be detailed by hand using chisels and rotary carving tools.  The parts are then sanded to a very fine finish, wood sealed and hand painted or stained depending on the look we need.

Marlene and her team design all the clothing, making the patterns and then creating the most amazing outfits to compliment any particular doll.

The finished doll is then hugged and carefully packaged, ready to be delivered to you.



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